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A. Chapter 42.56 RCW requires all cities and public agencies to maintain and make available a current index of all public records.

B. Chapter 42.56 RCW provides that if maintaining such an index would be unduly burdensome, or would interfere with agency operation, a City need not maintain such an index but it must issue and publish a formal order specifying the reasons why and the extent to which compliance would be unduly burdensome.

C. The City of Lakewood is comprised of numerous departments, their divisions and subdivisions, which maintain separate databases and/or record-keeping systems for the indexing of records and information.

D. Because the City has records which are diverse, complex and stored in multiple locations and in multiple computer systems, formats and/or databases, it is unduly burdensome, if not physically impossible, to maintain a current index of all records.

E. The City of Lakewood will make available for inspection and/or copying all public records, including any indexes that are maintained by the City pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, Chapter 42.56 RCW and this chapter. [Ord. 422 § 1, 2006.]