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12.12.120 City Council decision.
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Following the hearing and receipt of committee report, if applicable, the City Council shall determine whether to vacate the street or alley. The determination shall include, but not be limited to, consideration of the following criteria:

A. Whether a change of use or vacation of the street or alley will better serve the public good;

B. Whether the street or alley is no longer required for public use or public access;

C. Whether the substitution of a new and different public way would be more useful to the public;

D. Whether conditions may so change in the future as to provide a greater use or need than presently exists; and,

E. Whether objections to the proposed vacation are made by owners of private property (exclusive of petitioners) abutting the street or alley or other governmental agencies or members of the general public. [Ord. 501 § 3, 2009.]