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A. The permittee shall make all company premises, facilities and records related to its operations under this chapter (including, but not limited to: offices, vehicles, storage areas, nonfinancial records, records pertaining to the origin of any loads collected by the permittee, receipts for the sale or delivery of collected recyclables, customer lists, and all records related to vehicle maintenance and safety) available for inspection by Public Works Department employees within 24 hours of notice by telephone.

B. The permittee shall provide the Public Works Department with an after-hours telephone number to be used in emergencies.

C. The permittee shall notify the Public Works Department of anticipated changes in addresses and telephone numbers for any facilities regulated by this chapter, including but not limited to office, mailing address, yard location(s), and the after-hours phone number. Such notice shall be provided to the Public Works Department in writing no less than 10 business days before such change.

D. The permittee shall notify the Public Works Department in writing of changes in company contact persons and responsible officials within one week after such changes. [Ord. 337 § 9, 2004.]