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14.150.040 Hydrogeological assessments.
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A. The hydrogeologic assessment may be submitted by a state of Washington licensed hydrogeologist, or professional engineer with a strong background in geology as demonstrated by course work from an accredited college or university. Persons who believe they are qualified to conduct a hydrogeologic assessment may petition the TPCHD for consent.

B. The hydrogeologic assessment shall include, but is not limited to:

1. Information sources;

2. Geologic setting: include well logs or borings used to identify information;

3. Background water quality;

4. Ground water elevations;

5. Location/depth to perched water tables;

6. Recharge potential of facility site (permeability/transmissivity);

7. Ground water flow direction and gradient;

8. Currently available data on wells located within 1,000 feet of site;

9. Currently available data on any spring within 1,000 feet of site;

10. Surface water location and recharge potential;

11. Water source supply to facility (e.g., high capacity well);

12. Any sampling schedules necessary;

13. Discussion of the effects of the proposed project on the ground water resource;

14. Other information as required by the TPCHD.

C. Uses requiring a hydrogeologic assessment may be conditioned or denied based upon the TPCHD’s evaluation of the hydrogeologic assessment. Any project denied a permit based upon the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s evaluation of the hydrogeologic assessment shall receive a written explanation of the reason(s) for denial and an explanation of measures required, if any, to comply with these regulations. [Ord. 362 § 3, 2004.]