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Upon receipt of a complete application, a notice of application shall be given as required by Chapter 36.70B RCW and Chapter 18A.30 LMC, Article III. Public notice is also required as part of the environmental review process under SEPA. SEPA notices shall be issued as required by WAC 197-11-340, and may be combined with the notice of application as provided for in WAC 197-11-355.

A notice of public hearing shall be issued prior to the public hearing as required by RCW 58.17.090 and LMC 18A.20.340. Notice shall be mailed, posted and first published not less than 15 nor more than 30 days prior to the public hearing requiring the notice. [Ord. 726 § 2(Exh. A), 2019; Ord. 591 § 26, 2015.]