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A. The application shall contain the signatures of the majority of those persons having an ownership interest of lots, tracts, parcels, sites, or divisions in the subject subdivision or portion to be altered. If the subdivision is subject to restrictive covenants which were filed at the time of the approval of the subdivision, and the application for alteration would result in the violation of a covenant, the application shall contain an agreement signed by all parties subject to the covenants providing that the parties agree to terminate or alter the relevant covenants to accomplish the purpose of the alteration of the subdivision or portion thereof.

B. A complete application as provided by the Community and Economic Development Department.

C. A copy of the plat proposed to be altered and all affiliated codes, covenants and restrictions.

D. A detailed plan of the proposed alteration drawn to the scale of one inch equals 50 feet. The detailed plan shall clearly show the following information:

1. North arrow;

2. The location, names and right-of-way widths of all existing and proposed streets and driveways within 250 feet of the boundaries of the proposed subdivision;

3. The location, names and right-of-way widths of all proposed streets and their proposed paved width;

4. Lot layout with lot line dimensions, the area in square feet contained in each lot;

5. The location and use of all existing buildings within the proposed subdivision, indicating which buildings are to remain and which are to be removed;

6. The use and approximate location of all buildings within 150 feet of the boundaries of the proposed subdivision;

7. The location, size and use of all contemplated and existing public areas within the proposed subdivision, and a description of the adaptability of the area for uses contemplated;

8. The location, size and kind of public utilities in and adjacent to the proposed subdivision, indicating those utilities which will provide service to the proposed development and their planned location within the subdivision to include any existing easements;

9. Location and disposition of any wells, creeks, drainage courses, drainage ways, septic tanks, drainfields, 100-year floodplain boundaries and easements in or within 200 feet of the proposed subdivision;

10. Topography and five-foot contours certified by the engineer or surveyor within the proposed subdivision; or, as an alternative in the case of a partition of one acre or less, elevations at each existing and proposed property corner. One-foot or two-foot contours may be required, at the Community Development Director’s discretion;

11. Topography and at least 10-foot contours outside, but within 200 feet of, the proposed subdivision. The base for such information shall be the National Geodetic Survey (USGS), or other survey approved by the Community Development Director;

12. The location of all significant trees (as defined in the Lakewood Zoning Code) within the proposed subdivision, and for 150 feet beyond the terminus of all dead-end streets. (Individual trees in a stand of five trees or more need not be shown, but the area covered by the stand dripline shall be shown.) For trees outside the subdivision boundaries, the location of said trees may be based on aerial photographs or other methods acceptable to the Community Development Director, and which do not require the applicant to trespass on adjacent property;

13. For all 100-year floodplain boundaries shown on the vicinity map, the elevation of the 100-year flood at the point immediately upstream from the subdivision, and the direction and distance to said point;

14. The location of identified hazards or development limitation areas identified by the City of Lakewood critical areas map;

15. The location of any state shorelines and associated wetlands within the subdivision, as defined by state law and the City of Lakewood Shoreline Master Program.

E. Such additional information as the Community Development Director deems necessary. [Ord. 738 § 2 (Exh. A), 2020.]