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A. The Engineering Manager’s Office shall review a short plat for adequacy of access, storm water drainage facilities, public sewer system, survey accuracy, and feasibility for building sites.

B. The Community and Economic Development Department shall review the proposed short plat for conformance with the Land Use and Development Code (LMC Title 18A), other applicable land use laws, the comprehensive plan and the subdivision code.

C. The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department shall review the proposed short plat for adequacy of potable water supply, and provisions for sanitary sewage disposal. The Lakewood Water District, or other water provider, shall provide information regarding the public water system. This will typically be in the form of a letter of water availability from the District.

D. The Fire Chief shall review the proposed short plat for adequacy of the fire protection water system and access for firefighting equipment.

E. The Pierce County Assessor’s Office shall review the proposed short plat with regard to map and document format, tax status, and legal description.

F. The Pierce County Sewer Utility shall review the project with regard to sanitary sewer availability, appropriate easements, and details of any sanitary sewer infrastructure and connections.

The City may require that any review fees payable to outside agencies be made directly with that agency prior to submittal of the short plat application. [Ord. 591 § 53, 2015; Ord. 60 § 1, 1996.]