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17.38.030 Application.
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A. Applications for boundary line adjustments shall be made on forms provided by the City Community and Economic Development Department and shall be submitted to the Community and Economic Development Department with one original (may be deferred) and five paper copies of a plan signed and stamped by a professional land surveyor, drawn to scale with accurate dimensions, clearly showing the following information:

1. The proposed lines for all affected lots, indicated by heavy solid lines;

2. The existing lot lines proposed to be changed, indicated by heavy broken lines;

3. The location of all structures/improvements existing upon the affected lots and the distance between structure/improvements and the proposed lot/boundary lines;

4. The original legal description of the entire property together with new separate legal descriptions for each parcel, labeling them specifically as Parcel A, Parcel B, etc.;

5. The position of rebar and caps set at each new property corner;

6. All parcel numbers of affected lots;

7. The location of the property to quarter/quarter section;

8. The location and dimensions of any drain field, easement, or right-of-way existing within or adjacent to any affected lots;

9. The area and dimensions of each lot following the proposed adjustment;

10. The existing, and if applicable, proposed future method of sewage disposal for each affected lot.

B. Zoning designations shall follow boundary lines of separate lots and parcels. Where a zoning map or comprehensive plan map appears to reflect a division of a single lot or parcel into two zoning districts, each portion of that lot shall be subject to all the regulations applicable to the district in which it is located; except, lands which fall partially into and partially out of the McChord Air Corridors, as designated in the comprehensive plan, shall be exempt from this interpretation.

C. Where a boundary line adjustment is sought to facilitate development of the affected property, the City shall be entitled to require compliance with the subdivision, zoning, and site development standards of the City as a condition of approval of the boundary line adjustment.

D. The total change(s) in lot size resulting from one or more boundary line adjustments shall not produce a lot smaller than the minimum developable lot size for the zoning district in which the lot is located as of the time of the completion of the boundary line adjustment(s). [Ord. 591 § 72, 2015; Ord. 500 § 5, 2009; Ord. 60 § 1, 1996.]