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17.42.040 Model home.
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It shall be the purpose and intent of this chapter to allow up to four detached or attached dwellings within a preliminary subdivision which has been approved in accordance with all existing plans and regulations. The purpose of said dwellings shall be to demonstrate a variety of housing designs together with all associated on-site improvements, e.g., landscaping, improved driveway, patios, etc.

Model homes when proposed shall be established subject to the following criteria:

A. Model homes must meet the requirement of the City Building Codes with respect to being certified for use occupancy.

B. Only one model home may be occupied as a temporary real estate office pursuant to the Zoning Code.

C. Model homes may be sold; however, the sale shall not be considered final until such time as the preliminary plat has been approved and recorded as a final plat except as otherwise provided herein by this regulation.

D. All public and private roads providing access to the model homes shall be improved and maintained in a dust-free condition until such time as the permanent streets are established within the final plat. [Ord. 60 § 1, 1996.]