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Per RCW 36.70A.080(2), in order to plan for and regulate the use of land and structures in a manner which recognizes that residential neighborhoods and business areas within Lakewood vary one from another in desired character, subareas may be established as optional elements of the comprehensive plan and implementing zoning regulations may be adopted as a title of the Lakewood Municipal Code (LMC).

Subarea plans are implemented in part through the adoption of use, development, performance, or procedural regulations specific to the subarea or to a portion or portions of the subarea. Regulations which are specific to a subarea or portions of a subarea are located in the title of the LMC concerning the subarea.

The following subareas and subarea plans are established:



Code Title

Downtown Subarea Plan



Lakewood Station District Subarea Plan



Tillicum Subarea Plan


18D reserved

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