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18A.30.340 Content.
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A. The development agreement must include the following:

1. The development standards and other provisions that shall apply to and govern and vest the development, use and mitigation of the development of real property for the duration of the agreement;

2. Project components which define and detail the permitted uses, residential densities, nonresidential densities and intensities, building sizes, or nonresidential floor area;

3. Location of buffers, landscaping or open space;

4. The amount and payment of impact fees imposed or agreed to in accordance with any applicable provisions of state law, local ordinance, any reimbursement provisions, other financial contributions by the property owner, inspection fees, or dedications;

5. Mitigation measures, development conditions and other requirements of Chapter 43.21C RCW;

6. Design standards such as architectural treatment, maximum heights, setbacks, landscaping, drainage and water quality requirements and other development features;

7. Provisions for affordable housing;

8. Parks and common open space preservation;

9. Review procedures and standards for implementing decisions;

10. A build-out or vesting period for application standards;

11. Any other appropriate development requirement or procedure which is based upon a City policy, rule, regulation or standard; and

12. Phasing.

B. The development agreement shall reserve authority to impose new or different regulations to the extent required by a serious threat to the public health or safety. [Ord. 726 §2 (Exh. B), 2019.]