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18A.30.710 Permitted uses.
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The following types of temporary uses, activities and associated structures may be authorized, subject to specific limitations in this section and such additional conditions as may be established by the Director:

A. Circuses, carnivals, rodeos, fairs or similar transient amusement or recreational activities.

B. Christmas tree sales lots, flower stands, and similar seasonal sales facilities limited to location on nonresidential lots in commercial or industrial zoning districts. Specific facilities that are reestablished on the same site and at the same intensity every year may be reauthorized as a minor amendment to the original permit.

C. Mobile home residences used for occupancy by supervisory and security personnel on the site of an active construction project.

D. Temporary use of mobile trailer units or similar portable structures for nonresidential purposes, located in districts where the intended use is permitted.

E. Seasonal retail sales of agricultural or horticultural products raised or produced off the premises, permitted in commercial or industrial zoning districts only.

F. Neighborhood or community garage or rummage sales, block parties, parades or holiday celebrations, and other similar neighborhood or community activities. The Director may exempt certain fund-raising or other activities by nonprofit organizations from the permit requirements of this section where it is determined that the proposed activity is not likely to have adverse impacts on surrounding land uses or the community in general.

G. The Director may authorize additional temporary uses not listed in this subsection when it is found that the proposed uses are in compliance with the requirements and findings of this section. [Ord. 726 §2 (Exh. B), 2019.]