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18A.50.607 Sign Definitions.
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For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply:

A-frame sign” means a temporary, portable, freestanding, and self-supporting sign which may be either single- or double-faced, forming an “A” shape, or on a pole attached to a flat base.

Abandoned sign” means any sign which is no longer standing erect, is not adequately maintained and/or may be deemed hazardous or unsafe by the City Engineer.

Alteration of sign” means any change in size, shape, position, location, construction, or supporting structure of a sign.

Animated sign” means a sign which has any visible moving part, flashing or oscillating lights, visible mechanical movement of any description, or other apparent visible movement achieved by any means. Animated signs include, but are not limited to, changing or moving pictures, drawings, and designs regardless of the means and mechanisms of the animation; and message display changes at intervals.

Awning sign” means any sign painted on, attached to, or supported by an awning.

Balloon” means a decorative inflatable device with a diameter of less than 18 inches, generally composed of a thin layer of latex or mylar. The tether of a balloon is less than 12 feet in length (see “blimp”).

Banner sign” means any cloth, bunting, plastic, paper or similar nonrigid material attached to any structure, staff, pole, rope, wire or framing which is anchored on two or more edges or at all four corners. Banners are temporary in nature and do not include flags.

Billboard sign” means a large outdoor board.

Billboard sign face” means that portion of a billboard, exclusive of its structural support, on which changeable copy is displayed either by affixing preprinted poster panels or by painted copy.

Blimp” means a decorative device with a diameter or combined diameter of 18 inches or larger that is inflated. These devices include large single displays or displays of smaller balloons connected to create a larger display. A balloon with a tether longer than 12 feet is considered a blimp.

Canopy sign” means a sign attached to the underside of a canopy.

Emitting sign” means a sign which emits sound, odor, or visible matter such as smoke or steam.

Feather banners” means a sign attached to a support post with or without characters, letters, illustrations or ornamentations applied to cloth, paper, flexible plastic, or fabric of any kind with only such material for backing.

Flag” means any sign printed or painted on cloth, plastic, canvas, or other like material with distinctive colors, patterns, or symbols attached to a pole or staff and anchored along only one edge or supported or anchored at only two corners.

Flashing sign” means an illuminated sign using action or motion, or light or color.

Freestanding sign” means a sign that is self-supported on a structure used exclusively or primarily for the support of the sign or for a group of signs and detached from any building or structure.

Gateway” means a location featuring a structure and landscaping constructed by the City of Lakewood on City property or public easement. Gateways are found along arterial and collector streets with high traffic counts. Gateway locations often contain underground facilities including water lines, electrical conduit to support traffic and street lighting, and irrigation systems. Gateway locations are identified in the parks capital improvement plan, which is updated annually and available upon request.

Illuminated sign” means a sign designed to give forth artificial light or reflect such light from an artificial source.

Indirectly illuminated sign” means an illuminated nonflashing sign whose illumination is derived entirely from an external artificial source and which is arranged so that no direct rays of light are projected from such source into residences or the street.

Inflatables” means a decorative device with a diameter or combined diameter of 18 inches or larger that is inflated. These devices include large single displays or displays of smaller balloons connected to create a larger display. Blimps are not considered inflatables.

Integrated sign plan” means a special sign entitlement available to major commercial or employment centers as defined in this code. An integrated sign plan is subject to review and approval by the Hearing Examiner using the procedures provided for conditional use permits.

Major employment center” means an integrated development with contiguous ownership larger than 10 acres in size. Contiguous properties under separate control, but which function as an integrated center and when combined are larger than 10 acres in size, may be considered a major center.

Marquee sign” means any sign painted on, attached to, or supported by a roof-like projection over the entrance to a theater, hotel or other building.

Monument sign” means a freestanding sign which is affixed in or upon the ground with no air space between the ground and the sign face.

Nonconforming sign” means any sign legally established prior to the effective date of this title or subsequent amendments thereto, which is not in full compliance with the regulations of this title.

Pole sign” means a freestanding sign where the sign face is elevated above the site grade by structural supports, and includes the supports.

Portable sign” means a sign that is not permanently affixed to the ground or to a building or structure and which may be easily moved.

Projecting sign” means a two-faced wall sign affixed to the exterior wall of a building or structure with the exposed faces perpendicular to the plane of such wall.

Roof sign” means a sign or sign structure erected upon, against or directly above a roof or above the vertical parapet wall of a building, including a sign affixed to any structure erected upon a roof.

Roundabout” means an intersection that uses a circular junction instead of stoplights or stop signs to manage traffic flow; a traffic circle.

Sign” means any structure, device, letter, figure, character, poster, picture, logo, trademark or reading matter which is used or designed to announce, declare, demonstrate, display or otherwise identify or advertise, or attract the attention of the public. Including, but not limited to, every device, frame, letter, figure, character, mark, plane, point, design, picture, logo, stroke, stripe, trademark, or reading matter, which is used or intended to be used to attract attention or convey information when the same is placed visible from a public right-of-way or public property; and shall include all parts, portions, units, and materials composing the same, together with the frame, background, and supports or anchoring thereof.

Sign area” means the total area of all sign faces expressed in square feet.

Sign face” means the total area of one sign face expressed in square feet. Area is measured from the outside perimeter, including backup, molding, framing, but excluding structural supports, architectural details, decorative scrollwork, etc. The area of a group of individual mounted letters or figures shall be the area of the smallest single geometric form necessary to enclose the entire group of letters or figures.

Sign height” means the distance from ground level to the highest point on the sign structure.

String pennant” means a series of shapes, signs, streamers, or other similar devices made of fabric, plastic or other material which are connected together or attached to a cord to create a rope-like device that is typically displayed between poles or buildings.

Temporary sign” means a portable structure that is not permanently mounted and would not require a building permit to be attached to a permanent structure.

Traffic island” means a solid or painted object in a road which marks a division between two opposing streams of traffic.

Wall sign” means any sign painted on or attached directly to or erected against and supported by a building wall, or facade, with the exposed face of the sign in a plane parallel to the portion of the structure to which it is attached and projecting no more than one foot. [Ord. 706 § 2, 2019.]