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18A.50.750 Development Standard Modifications.
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In order to accommodate bonus housing units awarded under this program, the development standards set forth separately in this code may be modified as follows for properties containing qualified housing units:

A. Lot Coverage. Where it does not conflict with surface water management requirements, the maximum percent of lot coverage may be increased by up to five (5) percent of the total square footage over the maximum lot coverage permitted by the underlying zoning district.

B. Parking Requirements. For multifamily developments containing qualified housing, the percentage of compact parking stalls may be increased up to fifty (50) percent of the total required parking. In addition, for multifamily developments containing qualified housing dedicated to extremely-low-income, as defined herein, persons, families, or groups, the number of required parking stalls serving such units shall be reduced by fifty (50) percent.

C. In circumstances where housing serving qualified populations is located within one quarter (1/4) mile of transit routes and can be shown to generate significantly lower-than-average parking demand, parking requirements may be further reduced at the Community Development Director’s discretion. The applicant shall be responsible for preparing any additional studies or evaluation required to provide evidence of demand.

D. Building Height. The maximum building height may be increased by up to twelve (12) feet for those portions of the building(s) at least twenty (20) feet from any property line. [Ord. 284 § 5, 2002; Ord. 264 § 1, 2001.]