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18A.70.655 Administratively Approved WTFs.
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The Community Development Director may administratively approve the WTF uses listed in this subsection, after an applicant has submitted a complete administrative use permit application and provided all information required by the City.

A. Administratively approved uses. The following uses may be approved after conducting an administrative review:

1. Industrial/commercial zones. Locating WTFs, including the placement of additional buildings or other supporting equipment used in connection with WTFs, that meet the required separation distances and that do not exceed one hundred (100) feet in height for a single user and one hundred thirty (130) feet in height for two (2) or more users in the C1, C2, C3, NC1, NC2, IBP, I1, I2, and PI zoning districts.

2. Antennae on existing structures. Locating a WTF, other than a tower, as an accessory use by attachment to any non-residential building or structure in any zoning district, provided that:

a. The WTF does not extend more than twenty (20) feet above the highest point of the structure if a whip antenna, or ten (10) feet above the highest point of the structure if other than a whip antenna.

b. The WTF complies with all applicable building codes.

c. All associated equipment is placed either within the same building or in a separate structure that matches the existing building or structure in character and materials.

3. Facilities within allowable building height. Locating WTFs, including placement of additional buildings or other supporting equipment used in connection with the WTF, in the MF1, MF2, MF3, TOC, CBD zoning districts, so long as the WTF does not exceed the allowable building height for that district.

4. A mobile transmission facility or other temporary WTF for more than thirty (30) days. Upon a proper showing of extreme necessity (for example, if repair or modification of an existing WTF clearly and legitimately cannot be completed within 30 days), locating a mobile transmission facility at a single location for more than thirty (30) calendar days shall be allowed; however, purely economic convenience shall not be considered a viable factor in making this determination.

B. Authority to waive certain requirements. In connection with the administrative use permit approval, the Community Development Director may, in order to encourage camouflaging and collocation of WTFs, administratively reduce separation distance requirements between WTFs by up to thirty (30) percent in Commercial and Industrial zones if the provider demonstrates that the purposes and goals of this section would be better served in so doing.

C. Additionally, in order to encourage the use of the least obtrusive type of WTF, the Community Development Director may administratively permit the reconstruction of any existing WTF to a less obstructive form.

D. Appeal. An appeal to a final decision of the Community Development Director issued hereunder shall be heard by the Hearing Examiner in accordance with the requirements of LMC 18A.02, Administration. [Ord. 525 § 13, 2010; Ord. 264 § 1, 2001.]