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A. Off-Street Parking Requirements. The following off-street parking requirements supersede the requirements in Chapter 18A.80 LMC. Uses not listed below must comply with the requirements in Chapter 18A.80 LMC.

18B-600-1. Off-Street Parking Requirements.

Land Use

Parking Requirement


1 per dwelling unit

Retail, Services, Restaurants

2 per 1,000 GSF minimum; 3 per 1,000 GSF maximum


2 per 1,000 GSF minimum; 3 per 1,000 GSF maximum

Street level retail 3,000 sq. ft. or less per business

None where there is available public parking within 500' or abutting on-street parking designed to serve street level retail

B. Parking Reductions or Increases. The amount of required parking may be reduced or eliminated, or increased above the maximum, based on a site-specific parking study that demonstrates one or more of the following:

1. Reduction Due to Shared Parking at Mixed-Use Sites and Buildings. A shared use parking analysis for mixed-use buildings and sites that demonstrates that the anticipated peak parking demand will be less than the sum of the off-street parking requirements for specific land uses.

2. Reduction Due to Public Parking Availability. The availability of public parking to accommodate the parking demand generated by the site or building. The City may approve a reduction in the amount of required parking by up to 50 percent for any parking stalls that will be open and available to the public. On-street parking may be considered for the reduction; any new on-street parking provided will be counted toward the required parking availability.

3. Reduction Due to Lower Parking Demand or Increase Based on Greater Parking Demand. Demonstrating that anticipated parking demand will be less than the minimum parking required, or greater than the maximum allowed, based on collecting local parking data for similar land uses on a typical day for a minimum of eight hours.

C. Parking Location and Design. Parking shall be located behind the building or in a structure except in locations where the parking frontage type is permitted.

D. Shared Parking. Shared parking is encouraged to support a walkable and pedestrian-oriented CBD where people can park once and visit multiple destinations. Off-site shared parking may be authorized per the standards in Chapter 18A.80 LMC.

E. Public Parking. Public parking is permitted as a principal or accessory use in the Downtown District subject to the frontage and design standards.

F. Dimensional Standards. Parking stall and circulation design shall meet the standards of Chapter 18A.80 LMC. [Ord. 726 § 2(Exh. A), 2019; Ord. 695 § 2 (Exh. B), 2018.]