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The Lakewood Station District Subarea (LSDS) has several base zones that are applied as shown in the map below. The zones are described as follows:

A. The Multifamily 3 (MF3) zoning district is intended to integrate urban, high-density, multi-story housing in close proximity to a principal or minor arterial, with commercial/residential districts. The MF3 zoning districts are predominantly located adjacent to land zoned NC2, CBD, or SD.

B. The Neighborhood Commercial 2 (NC2) zoning district is intended to foster a sense of urban community in Lakewood. The district provides for a concentrated mix of activities, including residential, retail, office, and local services, which may serve the surrounding neighborhood or may serve more than one (1) neighborhood and attract people from other areas.

C. The Commercial 1 (C1) and Commercial 2 (C2) zoning districts promote employment, services, retail, and business uses serving and linking neighborhoods to Lakewood’s major transportation networks. The geographic relationship of the corridors to major road networks and their limited integration with adjacent neighborhoods promote employment, services, retail, and business/light industrial uses linked to access the major transportation networks. The C3 zoning district is distinguished by its arterial location and focus on “big-box” type uses which form an anchor for a large-scale commercial development.

D. The Transit-Oriented Commercial (TOC) zoning district is an interactive mixture of uses which focus on regional transportation networks while providing for urban design, people orientation, and connectivity between uses and transportation routes.

E. The Public/Institutional (PI) zoning district provides for moderate-scale and large-scale activities relating to the purpose of state and local governmental entities, except for military uses which are separately designated and zoned; special districts; and semi-public institutions providing necessary public services. The designation allows for the specialized needs of providing public services to all areas of Lakewood.

F. The purpose of the Clear Zone (CZ), Air Corridor 1 (AC1), and Air Corridor 2 (AC2) zoning districts is to promote land use and development that is compatible with the aircraft noise and accident potential associated with the proximity to McChord Field, which is a part of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). McChord Field hosts three (3) C-17 airlift squadrons. The potential risk to life and property from hazards associated with military aircraft operations necessitates control of the intensity, type, and design of land uses within the air corridor.

G. The Open Space and Recreation 1 (OSR1) and Open Space and Recreation 2 (OSR2) zoning districts provide for open space and public or semi-public recreational activities throughout the City.

Figure 18C.200-1. Station District Zoning Map

[Ord. 751 § 2 (Exh. B), 2021.]