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A. Allowed and Prohibited Uses. All residential uses, civic uses, and commercial uses and their respective uses and their related accessory uses as defined in Chapter 18A.40 LMC are permitted within the Station District except for those prohibited uses listed below. Permitted uses are subject to the approval of all required development permits. Uses identified as prohibited below that legally existed prior to the adoption of this code are considered nonconforming.

1. Prohibited uses in the AC1 zoning district:

a. None.

2. Prohibited uses in the MF3 zoning district:

a. Building and landscape materials;

b. Convenience store;

c. General retail.

3. Prohibited uses in the NC2 zoning district:

a. Auto and vehicle sales/rental;

b. Building and landscape materials;

c. Solid waste transfer station;

d. Vehicle services, major repair/body work.

4. Prohibited uses in the TOC zoning district:

a. Accessory caretaker’s unit.

5. Prohibited uses in the C2 zoning district:

a. Auto and vehicle sales/rental;

b. Manufacturing, assembling, and packaging, medium;

c. Manufacturing, assembling, and packaging, heavy;

d. Metal products fabrication, machine and welding;

e. Mobile home, RV, and boat sales;

f. Recycling facility – processing facility;

g. Repair service – equipment, large appliances.

h. Vehicle services, major repair/body work;

6. Prohibited uses in the C1 zoning district:

a. Auto and vehicle sales/rental;

b. Building and landscape materials;

c. Construction/heavy equipment sales and rental;

d. Enhanced services facility;

e. Equipment rental;

f. Fuel dealer;

g. Furniture/fixtures manufacturing, cabinet shop;

h. Laundry, dry cleaning plant;

i. Manufacturing, assembling, and packaging, medium;

j. Manufacturing, assembling, and packaging, heavy;

k. Mobile home, RV, and boat sales;

l. Outdoor storage;

m. Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers;

n. Recycling facility – processing facility;

o. Repair service – equipment, large appliances;

p. Secondhand stores;

q. Storage, personal storage facility;

r. Type 4 group home;

s. Type 5 group home;

t. Vehicle services, major repair/body work;

u. Vehicle storage;

v. Warehouse;

w. Warehouse retail;

x. Wholesaling and distribution.

B. Allowed Use Conditions. The following uses are allowed, provided the conditions listed below are met:

1. Uses in the MF3 zone within the LSDS boundary with an approved master plan per LMC 18C.700.720:

a. Multifamily use, four (4) or more units;

b. Mixed uses, when consistent with the following:

i. The commercial use is only permitted on the ground floor of the development; and

ii. A minimum ratio of four (4) square feet of multifamily use to one (1) square foot of commercial use is maintained.

2. Drive-through facilities; provided:

a. Drive-through facilities are limited to one (1) drive-through lane per establishment;

b. Drive-through facilities must have a primary customer entrance and cannot provide customer service exclusively from a drive-through or walk-up window;

c. Drive-through facilities shall be designed so that vehicles, while waiting in line to be served, will not block vehicle or pedestrian traffic in the right-of-way;

d. Drive-through facilities shall be appropriately and attractively screened from the public right-of-way:

i. Drive-through lanes shall only be placed parallel to a road if separated by a distance of thirty (30) feet, or if fully screened by a fifteen (15) foot landscape setback with a designed landscape berm six (6) feet high at center of berm in fifteen (15) foot landscape setback) or three-and-one-half (3.50) foot decorative masonry wall;

ii. Drive-through lanes oriented perpendicular to a public right-of-way shall include landscape screening to shield headlights from shining directly into an abutting or adjacent street right-of-way.

C. Conditionally Permitted Uses.

1. Pipelines.

2. Manufacturing, assembling and packaging, light, is allowed in the Station District, but such uses shall be as part of mixed-use development with commercial, retail, or residential uses.

D. Additional permitted uses in the MF3 zone within the LSDS.

1. Rowhouses.

2. Townhouses.

3. Three (3) family residential, attached. [Ord. 751 § 2 (Exh. B), 2021.]