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A. To establish specified uses in LMC 18C.200.220, development within the Station District may apply for a master plan for the development.

B. The master plan proposal shall be considered a Process II application for the purposes of Chapter 18A.20 LMC and consolidated with any other relevant permit applications.

C. Applications for a master planned development shall be filed with the Community and Economic Development Department on forms provided by the Department along with established fees. An applicant for a master planned development shall submit the following items to the City, unless the Director finds in writing that one (1) or more submittals are not required due to unique circumstances related to a specific development proposal:

1. A detailed narrative identifying how the master plan meets each criteria in subsection (D) of this section;

2. A site plan with the heading “Master Planned Development Site Plan” that includes information including street frontage types, building footprints, proposed landscaping, open space and parks and/or recreational areas including trails, public spaces, pedestrian walkways, parking locations, and proposed setbacks;

3. Conceptual elevation drawings illustrating facade and building design elements, including height, overall bulk/mass and density and proposed residential design features that will provide for a superior development;

4. A conceptual landscape plan/map showing the proposed location and types of vegetation and landscaping. The landscape plan may also be incorporated into the master planned development site plan and narrative;

5. A phasing plan, if the development will occur in distinct phases, with a written schedule detailing the timing of improvements;

6. A draft development agreement, if proposed by the applicant, or as required by the City; and

7. All of the submittal requirements in Chapter 18A.20 LMC, Article I.

D. A master planned development shall only be granted after the Director has reviewed the proposed use and has made written findings that all of the standards and criteria set forth below have been met or can be met subject to conditions of approval:

1. The master planned development is consistent with the comprehensive plan; and

2. The master planned development is consistent with the vision and objectives of the Station District plan in LMC 18C.100.110; and

3. The master planned development proposes a mixed income development that includes:

a. Housing only includes units for permanent residential occupancy, as defined in LMC 3.64.010.

b. At least ten (10) percent of the units are provided as one (1) or more of the following unit types:

i. Townhouses or rowhouses; and/or

ii. Live/work units; and/or

iii. Family-sized housing, where units contain two (2) or more bedrooms and the design includes access to outdoor recreation space suitable for children where adults can appropriately supervise and easily view children.

c. The master plan includes one (1) or more of the following:

i. Development demonstrates variety in unit types, tenure, or affordability that fits a need demonstrated in the comprehensive plan housing element or consolidated plan; and/or

ii. On-site units dedicated to serving persons displaced due to redevelopment within one-half (0.50) mile of the Sounder Station as documented in a relocation assistance plan and affidavits; and/or

iii. A park open to the public due to an easement, dedication, or contract that meets system needs identified in the legacy plan for parks, recreation and open space master plan and meets relevant city design standards; and

4. The design is compatible with and responds to the existing or intended character, appearance, quality of development and physical characteristics of the subject property and immediate vicinity; and

5. Roads and streets, whether public or private, within and contiguous to the site comply with guidelines for construction of streets and the street frontage standards; and

6. Each phase of the proposed development, as it is planned to be completed, contains the parking spaces, open space, recreation space, landscaping and utility area necessary for creating and sustaining a desirable and stable environment; and

7. The master planned development is consistent with the planned action ordinance (Ordinance 752). [Ord. 751 § 2 (Exh. B), 2021.]