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2.16.100 Removal of Judge.
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A Municipal Judge shall be removed by a majority of the City Council only upon conviction of misconduct or malfeasance in office, or because of physical or mental disability rendering the judge incapable of performing the duties of the office, or by operation of law. For the purposes hereof, conviction of misconduct or malfeasance in office shall include (A) conviction of any criminal offense by the Municipal Judge during the term of office of the Municipal Judge, (B) a determination by the Washington State Judicial Conduct Commission that a code or standard of judicial conduct has been violated, or (C) a finding by the City Council, after notice and a hearing and reasonable opportunity to be heard, that conduct has occurred, not limited to criminal convictions, which interferes with or prevents the Municipal Judge from being able to adequately administer or handle judicial functions of the Municipal Court, or which indicates that the Judge cannot act in a fair and/or impartial manner. It is provided, however, that if the Washington State Judicial Conduct Commission, or the Washington State Supreme Court or other court with the jurisdiction to make such decisions, decides that the Municipal Judge is to be removed from office or that the Municipal Judge is not qualified or able to serve as a Municipal Judge, then no further or separate action by the City Council is required to effect such removal. [Ord. 252 § 1, 2000; Ord. 15 § 10, 1995.]