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A. The City shall place a lien on any parcel with a delinquent assessment fee, including interest thereon. Such liens shall be effective and shall be enforced and foreclosed in the same manner as provided for sewerage liens of cities and towns by RCW 35.67.200 through 35.67.290, except that, alternatively, the service charge lien shall be effective for a total not to exceed one year’s delinquent service charges without the necessity of any writing or recording of the lien with the Pierce County Auditor.

B. Delinquent service charges shall bear interest provided in RCW 35.67.200 at the rate of eight percent per annum, or such rate as may hereafter be authorized by law, computed on a monthly basis from the date of delinquency until paid. Interest shall be calculated at the rate in effect at the time of payment of the charges regardless of when the charges were first delinquent. [Ord. 740 § 1, 2020.]