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The following shall not constitute public nuisances:

A. Compost piles less than four feet in height and six feet in diameter at ground level, and 30 feet or more from any dwelling, and four feet or more from adjoining properties;

B. Storm debris within 30 days following a storm event;

C. For construction activity that requires a building permit, construction residue and debris during and for 10 calendar days following completion of work, unless the residue and/or debris is substantially or unreasonably impacting the general public or not neatly stacked and stored;

D. Fallen leaves, tree needles, tree fruit and similar vegetation, during the months of October through April, inclusive, except when located on public sidewalks;

E. The accumulation and temporary storage, in containers designated for such purposes, of recyclable materials pursuant to a program of recycling adopted by the City; provided, however, that such containers must not be publicly visible or they must be made available to the City’s garbage or recycle contractor within 14 days after having been filled to 50 percent or more of their capacity;

F. Uncultivated, uncut or untended weeds, grass, bushes or other vegetation not constituting a health or fire hazard, existing in a natural state on undeveloped, agricultural, native growth easement or defined critical areas such as wetlands, streams, and steep slopes. [Ord. 753 § 3 (Exh. B), 2021.]