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The City may offer a reward not to exceed $300.00 for information leading to the identification and apprehension of any person who willfully damages or destroys any public or private property by the use of graffiti. The actual amount awarded (not to exceed $300.00) shall be determined in the discretion of the Chief of Police. In the event of damage to public property, the offender or the parents of any unemancipated minor must reimburse the City for any reward paid. In the event of multiple contributors of information, the reward amount shall be divided by the City in the manner it deems appropriate. Claims for rewards under this section shall be filed with the Chief of Police in the manner specified by the City. No claim for a reward shall be allowed unless the City investigates and verifies the accuracy of the claim and determines that the requirements of this section have been satisfied. [Ord. 533 § 2, 2011.]