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8.32.030 Enforcement.
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City law enforcement officers, code enforcement officers, and those employees otherwise duly delegated and vested with enforcement authority all shall enforce the provisions of this chapter and all rules and regulations adopted hereunder. In addition, mailing by certified mail, of such citations, complaints, informations or notices or other process to the last known place of residence of a person charged, or as otherwise provided by applicable court rules, shall be deemed as personal service upon that person. The City shall also have the authority to contract with the Department of Ecology for purposes of providing litter control/enforcement services and personnel reasonably necessary to carry out the enforcement provisions of state law. Additionally, litter violations on private property may also be deemed a nuisance subject to abatement as provided in Chapter 8.16 LMC, or such other process as is provided in the City Code. [Ord. 181 § 8, 1998; Ord. 38 § 1, 1996.]