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8.68.080 Exceptions.
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The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to “toy sparklers” and “toy caps” containing not more than 0.25 grains of explosive compound for each cap and/or sparkler. It is further provided that nothing contained in this chapter shall be deemed to prohibit the use of any explosive or flammable compound, blasting caps and similar items used for industrial purposes, nor to prohibit the use of any blank cartridges for use by person for bona fide ceremonial services, sporting events or demonstrations. This chapter shall not be construed so as to prohibit the use of torpedoes, flares or fuses by the operators of motor vehicles or railroads, nor by other transportation agencies for signal purposes. This chapter shall also not apply to the assembling, use and display of fireworks, of whatever nature, by any persons engaged in the production of fireworks when such use and display are necessary parts of the production and such persons possess requisite state permits to do so. This chapter shall also not apply to manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers or jobbers who possess the appropriate licenses and/or permits, from manufacturing or selling any kind of fireworks for direct shipment out of the City or out of the state, nor for manufacturing and/or selling at wholesale, any dangerous fireworks to properly licensed persons holding a valid permit for a public display of fireworks. [Ord. 84 § 1, 1996.]