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9.03.040 RCW Title 9 entitled “Crimes and Punishments” – Adoption by reference.
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The following RCW sections, as currently enacted or as hereafter amended or recodified from time to time, are hereby adopted by reference and shall be given the same force and effect as if set forth herein in full:

9.01.055 Citizen immunity if aiding officer, scope – When.

9.01.110 Omission, when not punishable.

9.01.130 Sending letter, when complete.

9.02.050 Concealing birth.

9.03.010 Abandoning, discarding refrigeration equipment.

9.03.020 Permitting unused equipment to remain on premises.

9.03.040 Keeping or storing equipment for sale.

9.04.010 False advertising.

9.04.090 Advertising fuel prices by service stations.

9.08.030 False certificate of registration of animals – False representation as to breed.

9.08.065 Definitions.

9.08.070 Pet animals – Taking, concealing, injuring, killing, etc. – Penalty.

9.12.010 Barratry.

9.12.020 Buying, demanding, or promising reward by district judge or deputy.

9.16.005 Definitions.

9.16.010 Removing lawful brands.

9.16.020 Imitating lawful brand.

9.16.030 Counterfeit mark – Intellectual property.

9.16.035 Counterfeiting – Penalties.

9.16.041 Counterfeit items – Seizure and forfeiture.

9.16.050 When deemed affixed.

9.16.060 Fraudulent registration of trademark.

9.16.070 Form and similitude defined.

9.16.080 Petroleum products improperly labeled or graded.

9.16.100 Use of the words “sterling silver,” etc.

9.16.110 Use of words “coin silver,” etc.

9.16.120 Use of the word “sterling” on mounting.

9.16.130 Use of the words “coin silver” on mounting.

9.16.140 Unlawfully marking article made of gold.

9.16.150 “Marked, stamped or branded” defined.

9.18.080 Offender a competent witness.

9.18.120 Suppression of competitive bidding.

9.18.130 Collusion to prevent competitive bidding.

9.18.150 Agreements outside state.

9.24.010 Fraud in stock subscription.

9.24.040 Corporation doing business without license.

9.26A.090 Telephone company credit cards – Prohibited acts.

9.26A.100 Definitions.

9.26A.110 Fraud in obtaining telecommunications service – Penalty.

9.26A.120 Fraud in operating coin-box telephone or other receptacle.

9.26A.130 Penalty for manufacture or sale of slugs to be used for coin.

9.27.015 Interference, obstruction of any court, building, or residence – Violations.

9.35.005 Definitions.

9.35.030 Soliciting undesired mail.

9.38.010 False representation concerning credit.

9.38.015 False statement by deposit account applicant.

9.38.020 False representation concerning title.

9.40.040 Operating engine or boiler without spark arrester.

9.40.100 Tampering with fire alarm or fire fighting equipment – False alarm – Penalties.

9.41.010 Terms defined.

9.41.040 Unlawful possession of firearms – Ownership, possession by certain persons.

9.41.050 Carrying firearms.

9.41.060 Exceptions to restrictions on carrying firearms.

9.41.090 Dealer deliveries regulated – Hold on delivery.

9.41.098 Forfeiture of firearms – Disposition – Confiscation.

9.41.100 Dealer licensing and registration required.

9.41.110 Dealer’s licenses, by whom granted, conditions, fees – Employees, fingerprinting and background checks – Wholesale sales excepted – Permits prohibited.

9.41.140 Alteration of identifying marks – Exceptions.

9.41.220 Unlawful firearms and parts contraband.

9.41.230 Aiming or discharging firearms, dangerous weapons.

9.41.240 Possession of pistol by person from 18 to 21.

9.41.250 Dangerous weapons – Penalty.

9.41.260 Dangerous exhibitions.

9.41.270 Weapons apparently capable of producing bodily harm – Unlawful carrying or handling – Penalty – Exceptions.

9.41.280 Possessing dangerous weapons on school facilities – Penalty – Exceptions.

9.41.300 Weapons prohibited in certain places – Local laws and ordinances – Exceptions – Penalty.

9.41.800 Surrender of weapons or licenses – Prohibition on future possession or licensing.

9.41.810 Penalty.

9.44.080 Misconduct in signing a petition.

9.45.060 Encumbered, leased, or rented personal property – Construction.

9.45.070 Mock auctions.

9.45.080 Fraudulent removal of property.

9.45.090 Knowingly receiving fraudulent conveyance.

9.45.100 Fraud in assignment for benefit of creditors.

9.45.270 Fraudulent filing of vehicle report of sale.

9.46.170 False or misleading entries or statements, refusal to produce records.

9.46.185 Causing person to violate rule or regulation.

9.46.190 Violations relating to fraud or deceit.

9.46.195 Obstruction of public servant – Penalty.

9.46.196 Cheating – Defined.

9.46.1962 Cheating in the second degree.

9.46.198 Working in gambling activity without license as violation – Penalty.

9.46.217 Gambling records – Penalty – Exceptions.

9.46.222 Professional gambling in the third degree.

9.47A.010 Definition.

9.47A.020 Unlawful inhalation – Exception.

9.47A.030 Possession of certain substances prohibited, when.

9.47A.040 Sale of certain substances prohibited, when.

9.47A.050 Penalty.

9.51.010 Misconduct of officer drawing jury.

9.51.020 Soliciting jury duty.

9.51.030 Misconduct of officer in charge of jury.

9.61.230 Telephone harassment.

9.61.240 Telephone harassment – Permitting telephone to be used.

9.61.250 Telephone harassment – Offense, where deemed committed.

9.61.260 Cyberstalking.

9.62.010 Malicious prosecution.

9.62.020 Instituting suit in name of another.

9.66.010 Public nuisance.

9.66.020 Unequal damage.

9.66.030 Maintaining or permitting nuisance.

9.66.040 Abatement of nuisance.

9.66.050 Deposit of unwholesome substance.

9.68.015 Obscene literature, shows, etc. – Exemptions.

9.68.030 Indecent articles, etc.

9.68.050 “Erotic material” – Definitions.

9.68.060 “Erotic material” – Determination by court – Labeling – Penalties.

9.68.070 Prosecution for violation of RCW 9.68.060 – Defense.

9.68.080 Unlawful acts.

9.68.100 Exceptions to RCW 9.68.050 through 9.68.120.

9.68.110 Motion picture operator or projectionist exempt, when.

9.68.130 “Sexually explicit material” – Defined – Unlawful display.

9.68A.011 Definitions.

9.68A.080 Reporting of depictions of minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct – Civil immunity.

9.68A.090 Communication with minor for immoral purposes – Penalties.

9.68A.103 Permitting commercial sexual abuse of a minor – Penalty.

9.96A.105 Additional fee assessment.

9.68A.110 Certain defenses barred, permitted.

9.68A.120 Seizure and forfeiture of property.

9.68A.150 Allowing minor on premises of live erotic performance – Definitions – Penalty.

9.69.100 Duty of witness of offense against child or any violent offense – Penalty.

9.73.010 Divulging telegram.

9.73.020 Opening sealed letter.

9.73.030 Intercepting, recording or divulging private communication – Consent required – Exceptions.

9.73.050 Admissibility of intercepted communication in evidence.

9.73.070 Persons and activities excepted from chapter.

9.73.080 Penalties.

9.73.090 Certain emergency response personnel exempted from RCW 9.73.030 through 9.73.080 – Standards – Court authorizations – Admissibility.

9.73.100 Recordings available to defense counsel.

9.73.110 Intercepting, recording, or disclosing private communications – Not unlawful for building owner – Conditions.

9.86.010 “Flag,” etc., defined.

9.86.020 Improper use of flag prohibited.

9.86.030 Desecration of a flag.

9.86.040 Application of provisions.

9.91.010 Denial of civil rights – Terms defined.

9.91.020 Operating railroad, steamboat, vehicle, etc., while intoxicated.

9.91.025 Unlawful conduct in a transit vehicle.

9.91.060 Leaving children unattended in a parked automobile.

9.91.130 Disposal of trash in charity donation receptacle.

9.91.140 Food stamps – Unlawful sale.

9.91.142 Food stamps – Trafficking.

9.91.160 Personal protection spray devices.

9.91.170 Interfering with dog guide or service animal.

9.91.175 Interfering with search and rescue dog. [Ord. 526 § 2, 2010.] (Ord. 526 § 2, 2010.)