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The following RCW sections, as currently enacted or as hereafter amended or recodified from time to time, are hereby adopted by reference and shall be given the same force and effect as if set forth herein in full:

9A.04.020 Purposes – Principles of construction.

9A.04.040 Classes of crimes.

9A.04.050 People capable of committing crimes – Capability of children.

9A.04.060 Common law to supplement statute.

9A.04.070 Who amenable to criminal statutes.

9A.04.080 Limitation of actions.

9A.04.090 Application of general provisions of the code.

9A.04.100 Proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

9A.04.110 Definitions.

9A.08.010 General requirements of culpability.

9A.08.020 Liability for conduct of another – Complicity.

9A.08.030 Corporate and personal liability.

9A.12.010 Insanity.

9A.16.010 Definitions.

9A.16.020 Use of force – When lawful.

9A.16.060 Duress.

9A.16.070 Entrapment.

9A.16.080 Action for being detained on mercantile establishment premises for investigation – “Reasonable grounds” as defense.

9A.16.090 Intoxication.

9A.16.100 Use of force on children – Policy – Actions presumed unreasonable.

9A.28.020 Criminal attempt.

9A.28.030 Criminal solicitation.

9A.28.040 Criminal conspiracy.

9A.36.041 Assault in the fourth degree.

9A.36.050 Reckless endangerment.

9A.36.070 Coercion.

9A.36.150 Interfering with the reporting of domestic violence.

9A.36.160 Failing to summons assistance.

9A.36.161 Failing to summons assistance – Penalty.

9A.40.010 Definitions.

9A.40.070 Custodial interference in the second degree.

9A.40.080 Custodial interference – Assessment of costs – Defense – Consent defense, restricted.

9A.42.010 Definitions.

9A.42.035 Criminal mistreatment in the third degree.

9A.42.037 Criminal mistreatment in the fourth degree.

9A.42.040 Withdrawal of life support systems.

9A.42.045 Palliative care.

9A.42.050 Defense of financial inability.

9A.42.080 Abandonment of a dependent person in the third degree.

9A.42.090 Abandonment of a dependent person – Defense.

9A.42.110 Leaving a child in the care of a sex offender.

9A.44.010 Definitions.

9A.44.030 Defenses to prosecution under this chapter.

9A.44.096 Sexual misconduct with a minor in the second degree.

9A.44.130 Registration of sex offenders and kidnapping offenders – Procedures – Definition – Penalties.

9A.44.132 Failure to register as sex offender or kidnapping offender.

9A.44.170 Custodial sexual misconduct in the second degree.

9A.44.180 Custodial sexual misconduct – Defense.

9A.46.010 Legislative finding.

9A.46.020 Definition – Penalties.

9A.46.030 Place where committed.

9A.46.040 Court-ordered requirements upon person charged with crime – Violation.

9A.46.050 Arraignment – No-contact order.

9A.46.060 Crimes included in harassment.

9A.46.080 Order restricting contact – Violation.

9A.46.090 Nonliability of peace officer.

9A.46.100 “Convicted,” time when.

9A.46.110 Stalking.

9A.48.010 Definitions.

9A.48.050 Reckless burning in the second degree.

9A.48.060 Reckless burning – Defense.

9A.48.090 Malicious mischief in the third degree.

9A.48.100 Malicious mischief – “Physical damage” defined.

9A.48.105 Criminal street gang tagging and graffiti.

9A.48.110 Defacing a state monument.

9A.49.001 Findings.

9A.49.010 Definitions.

9A.49.030 Unlawful discharge of a laser in the second degree.

9A.49.050 Exclusions.

9A.50.010 Definitions.

9A.50.020 Interference with health care facility.

9A.50.030 Penalty.

9A.52.010 Definitions.

9A.52.050 Other crime in committing burglary punishable.

9A.52.060 Making or having burglar tools.

9A.52.070 Criminal trespass in the first degree.

9A.52.080 Criminal trespass in the second degree.

9A.52.090 Criminal trespass – Defenses.

9A.52.100 Vehicle prowling in the second degree.

9A.52.120 Computer trespass in the second degree.

9A.52.130 Computer trespass – Commission of other crime.

9A.56.010 Definitions.

9A.56.020 Theft – Definition, defense.

9A.56.050 Theft in the third degree.

9A.56.060 Unlawful issuance of checks or drafts.

9A.56.063 Making or possession motor vehicle theft tools.

9A.56.096 Theft of rental, leased, or lease-purchased property.

9A.56.140 Possessing stolen property – Definition – Presumption.

9A.56.170 Possessing stolen property in the third degree.

9A.56.180 Obscuring the identity of a machine.

9A.56.220 Theft of subscription television services.

9A.56.240 Forfeiture and disposal of device used to commit violation.

9A.56.260 Connection of channel converter.

9A.56.270 Shopping cart theft.

9A.56.280 Credit, debit cards, checks, etc. – Definitions.

9A.56.330 Possession of another’s identification.

9A.60.010 Definitions.

9A.60.045 Criminal impersonation in the second degree.

9A.60.050 False certification.

9A.60.070 False academic credentials – Unlawful issuance or use – Definitions – Penalties.

9A.61.010 Definitions.

9A.61.020 Defrauding a public utility.

9A.61.050 Defrauding a public utility in the third degree.

9A.61.060 Restitution and costs.

9A.72.010 Definitions.

9A.72.040 False swearing.

9A.72.050 Perjury and false swearing – Inconsistent statements – Degree of crime.

9A.72.060 Perjury and false swearing – Retraction.

9A.72.070 Perjury and false swearing – Irregularities no defense.

9A.72.080 Statement of what one does not know to be true.

9A.72.085 Unsworn statements, certification.

9A.72.140 Jury tampering.

9A.72.150 Tampering with physical evidence.

9A.76.010 Definitions.

9A.76.020 Obstructing a law enforcement officer.

9A.76.030 Refusing to summon aid for a peace officer.

9A.76.040 Resisting arrest.

9A.76.050 Rendering criminal assistance – Definition of term.

9A.76.060 Relative defined.

9A.76.070 Rendering criminal assistance in the first degree.

9A.76.080 Rendering criminal assistance in the second degree.

9A.76.090 Rendering criminal assistance in the third degree.

9A.76.100 Compounding.

9A.76.130 Escape in the third degree.

9A.76.160 Introducing contraband in the third degree.

9A.76.170 Bail jumping.

9A.76.175 Making a false or misleading statement to a public servant.

9A.80.010 Official misconduct.

9A.84.010 Riot.

9A.84.020 Failure to disperse.

9A.84.030 Disorderly conduct.

9A.84.040 False reporting.

9A.86.010 Disclosing intimate images.

9A.88.010 Indecent exposure.

9A.88.030 Prostitution.

9A.88.050 Prostitution – Sex of parties immaterial – No defense.

9A.88.090 Permitting prostitution.

9A.88.110 Patronizing a prostitute.

9A.88.120 Additional fee assessments.

9A.88.130 Additional requirements.

9A.88.140 Vehicle impoundment. [Ord. 633 § 1, 2016; Ord. 526 § 2, 2010.]