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For the purpose of this chapter, the words set out in this section shall have the following meanings:

“Actual attendance at an event” means inside the school-owned area for which admittance fees are required, or if attendance fees are not required, that area inside which a fee would have been required had the school district or administration determined to charge for admittance.

“Authorized individual” means any administrator or employee of the school, or other person delegated with the responsibility of supervision for school property.

“Recreational area” means those areas established by the Clover Park School District, and by the administration of any other school located within the City, for use during nonschool hours for recreational activities, including, but not limited to, basketball, tennis, baseball, football and soccer.

“School property” means that property which is owned by the Clover Park School District or any other school located within the City.

“Student” means a person of school age who is duly enrolled in a school in the Clover Park School District, and who is not currently under suspension from attendance at classes of said school and/or district. [Ord. 526 § 2, 2010.]