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9.10.030 Lawful purpose or authorization.
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“Lawful purpose or authorization” shall be defined as follows:

A. Those persons who are on school property for the purpose of conducting lawful business.

B. A student assigned to the school at which he or she is found within one-half hour before and one-half hour after the beginning or the conclusion of official school hours as set by the school district or administration.

C. If said student is engaged in athletic or other extracurricular events sponsored by the school, then said student shall have 60 minutes after the close of such event to leave the premises.

D. If a nonstudent, other than the parent of a student, is on the premises for the purpose of delivering a student or picking up a student from school or from an event as described in subsection C of this section, said nonstudent, must have the permission of the parent or guardian of said student to pick up said student; the time period for this nonstudent to be on the school property is 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes after school hours and/or extracurricular activities; in addition, a nonstudent, other than a parent or guardian of a student, shall not be present on school property during lunch or recess periods.

E. In the event that the extracurricular activity, such as sporting events, concerts, meetings, presentations, instructional programs, dances, and the like, permits nonstudents to attend, then the nonstudent may remain on the premises involved only, and must depart within 60 minutes after the end of such event.

F. To be included in the interpretation of lawful purpose or authorization for extracurricular events, the nonstudent must be in actual attendance of the event; actual attendance does not permit gathering in parking lots or other school area adjacent to buildings or stadiums during the activity; persons not in actual attendance of an event but on school property will be deemed to be trespassing.

G. In all cases a nonstudent will be guilty of trespassing if said person fails to leave the school property after being ordered to do so by an authorized individual. [Ord. 526 § 2, 2010.]