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This chapter shall not apply to the following uses of a weapon or firearm:

A. Any act committed by a person while in his place of abode or fixed place of business in self-defense of such abode or business;

B. Any person acting for the purpose of protecting himself against the use or presently threatened unlawful force by another, or for the purpose of protecting another against the use of such unlawful force by the third person;

C. Any federal, military, state, county or municipal law enforcement officer in the discharge of their official duties, whether such officer is within or outside their jurisdictions, or on or off duty;

D. Any person engaged in military activities sponsored by the federal or state governments;

E. The provision relating to chako sticks or throwing stars shall not apply to or affect regularly enrolled members of clubs and associations organized for the practice, instruction or demonstration of self-defense arts involving chako sticks or throwing stars while such members are at, or are going to and from their place of residence, a practice session, an instruction session, a demonstration, or place of repair, or while such members are going from the place of purchase, providing that the chako sticks or throwing stars are in a carrying case in the possession of the owner;

F. Any person engaged in the lawful use of a pistol, rifle or other firearm at any commercial sport shooting range, or a private basement or cellar target range. For purposes of this chapter, a “commercial sport shooting range” means a business holding a master business license issued by the state of Washington and business operating license issued by the City of Lakewood to conduct a for-profit business under Chapter 5.02 LMC, and operating a shooting range at a building or facility designed for the use and discharge of pistols, rifles and other firearms;

G. Engaging in practice in the use of a firearm or target shooting at an established range owned by the City of Lakewood; or

H. Any person discharging blank cartridges in theatrical performances, sporting events, or education events or to the firing of salutes by a honor guard at funerals or memorials. [Ord. 566 § 4, 2013.]