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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 784 Condemnation and acquisition of property 3/20/2023 Special
Ord. 783 Adds Ch. 9.15, occupation of public property 3/20/2023 Codified
Ord. 782 Adds §§ 9.06.090, 9.06.100 and 9.06.110, controlled substances 3/20/2023 Codified
Ord. 781 Street vacation 3/20/2023 Special
Res. 2023-04 Consents to transfer of control of franchise 2/21/2023 Special
Res. 2023-03 Police canine Rock declared surplus 2/6/2023 Special
Res. 2023-02 Sets public hearing on street vacation 2/6/2023 Special
Res. 2023-01 Approves work plan and public engagement plan for 2024 periodic review of city comprehensive plan, development regulations, and critical area ordinance 1/17/2023 Special
Ord. 780 Adds Ch. 12.20, locally sourced compost materials 1/3/2023 Codified
Res. 2022-17 Authorizes formation of sister city relationship with Gimhae City, Gyeongsangnam-do Province, Republic of Korea 12/5/2022 Special
Res. 2022-16 Authorizes issuance of conditional certificate of acceptance of tax exemption to Kurkov Konstantin 12/5/2022 Special
Res. 2022-15 Establishes 2023 docket of comprehensive plan land use/zoning map and policy amendments 12/5/2022 Special
Res. 2022-14 Sets fee schedule for 2023 11/21/2022 Special
Ord. 779 Biennial 2023-2024 budget adoption 11/21/2022 Special
Ord. 778 Biennial 2021-2022 budget amendment 11/21/2022 Special
Ord. 777 Ad valorem property tax levy for 2023 11/21/2022 Special
Res. 2022-13 Adopts Oregon White Oak (Garry Oak) as the official tree of the city of Lakewood 11/7/2022 Special
Res. 2022-12 Sets public hearing on street vacation 11/7/2022 Special
Ord. 776 Adopts three-year energy and climate change work plan 10/17/2022 Special
Ord. 775 Adds §§ 2.48.040(D), 14.154.080, 18A.60.030, 18A.60.040, 18A.60.070, 18A.70.330, 18A.70.350 and 18A.80.060(H) [18A.80.060(I)]; amends §§ 14.154.030, 14.165.010, 18A.10.180, 18A.60.110, 18A.70.150(A)(1), 18A.70.300, 18A.70.310, 18A.70.320, 18B.200.230(A), 18B.700.720(G), 18C.200.230(A) and 18C.600.610(B); amends and renumbers § 18A.70.330 to be 18A.70.340, tree preservation 11/7/2022 Codified
Ord. 774 Amends Ords. 695 and 696, schedule for periodic  review of downtown subarea plan and planned action 9/19/2022 Special
Ord. 773 Right-of-way vacation 9/6/2022 Special
Res. 2022-11 Adopts 2021 Tacoma-Pierce County Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Plan 8/15/2022 Special
Ord. 772 Amends comprehensive plan, future land use map and zoning map, and §§ 18A.10.140, 18A.40.130(D) and (E), 18A.80.030 and 18C.600.610, land use and development code 8/1/2022 Codified
Res. 2022-10 Sets public hearing on right-of-way vacation 7/18/2022 Special