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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 2017-15 Amends purchasing policy 7/17/2017 Special
Res. 2017-14 Approves Chambers Creek Properties master site plan update 6/19/2017 Special
Res. 2017-13 Adopts 2016 supplement to 2000 Tacoma-Pierce County solid waste management plan 6/19/2017 Special
Res. 2017-12 Adopts FY 2017 consolidated annual action plan; amends FY 2013, 2014 and 2015 plans 6/5/2017 Special
Res. 2017-11 Adopts 2018-2023 transportation improvement program 6/5/2017 Special
Res. 2017-10 Sponsors Pierce Transit to join the Association of Washington Cities Employee Benefit Trust 6/5/2017 Special
Res. 2017-09 Memorandum of agreement for implementation of Joint Base Lewis-McChord North Clear Zone Action Plan and Implementation Program 4/17/2017 Special
Res. 2017-08 LID 1109 public hearing date setting (Panattoni Woodbrook development) 4/17/2017 Special
Res. 2017-07 Repeals and replaces Res. 1999-39, purchasing policy 3/6/2017 Special
Res. 2017-06 Amends 2017 fee schedule 3/6/2017 Special
Res. 2017-05 Street vacation 3/6/2017 Special
Res. 2017-04 Amends 2017-2022 transportation improvement program 2/21/2017 Special
Res. 2017-03 Right-of-way vacation 2/6/2017 Special
Res. 2017-02 Amends city council rules of procedure 1/17/2017 Special
Res. 2017-01 Amends legacy plan 1/3/2017 Special
Res. 2016-25 Authorizes HUD Section 108 loan guarantee contract 12/5/2016 Special
Res. 2016-24 Authorizes issuance of conditional certificate of acceptance of tax exemption to Springbrook SPE, LLC 12/5/2016 Special
Res. 2016-23 Intent to conduct public hearing on assumption of rights, powers, functions and obligations of city's Transportation Benefit District 11/28/2016 Special
Res. 2016-22 Sets fee schedule for 2017 11/21/2016 Special
Res. 2016-21 Recognizes the vital role and public purpose of the Lakewood Community Foundation Fund 11/7/2016 Special
Res. 2016-20 Establishes the city manager or designee as legal authority to submit grant financial reports and reimbursement requests 11/7/2016 Special
Res. 2016-19 Adopts fiscal year 2017 policy statement and work plan for the CDBG and HOME consolidated annual action plan 10/17/2016 Special
Res. 2016-18 Naming or renaming City parks and facilities 10/3/2016 Special
Res. 2016-17 Sound Transit 3 expressing support for ballot proposition on November 8, 2016 General Election 9/19/2016 Not adopted
Res. 2016-16 Remembrance Corridor naming the area of I-5 from Mounts Road exit to McChord exit 9/6/2016 Special