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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 648 Amends §§ 12A.04.080, 12A.10.040, 12A.10.063, 12A.11.030, 12A.11.040, 12A.11.060, 12A.14.000 and 15A.05.080; repeals §§ 12A.11.041, 12A.11.042, 12A.11.043, 12A.11.044, 12A.11.045, 12A.11.046, 12A.11.047, 12A.11.048 and 12A.11.049, low impact developments 10/17/2016 Codified
Ord. 647 Amends §§ 15A.05.020, 15A.05.060 and 15A.5.070 [15A.05.070], building codes 10/3/2016 Codified
Ord. 646 Street vacation 9/19/2016 Special
Ord. 645 Adds Ch. 12A.18, complete streets policy 9/6/2016 Codified
Ord. 644 Rental housing safety program Chapter 5.60 8/1/2016 Codified
Ord. 643 Telecommunications franchise with Astound Broadband dba WAVE to install fiber to Lakewood Library 6/2/2016 Codified
Ord. 642 Sewer connections mandatory Section 12A.15.060 of the Lakewood Municipal Code 6/6/2016 Codified
Ord. 641 International Code Council 2015 building code amendments Chapter 15A.05 6/6/2016 Codified
Ord. 640 Biennial 2015-2016 budget amendments 5/16/2016 Codified
Ord. 639 84th Street SW right-of-way street vacation 5/2/2016 Codified
Ord. 638 Petty cash amendments for police department Chapter 3.40 of municipal code 4/18/2016 Codified
Ord. 637 Sewer mandatory connections deferral Code amendments Sections 12A.15.050, 12A.15.060, 12A.15.090 and 12A.15.100 4/18/2016 Codified
Ord. 636 Limited Tax General Obligation Bond 2009 refinancing 4/4/2016 Codified
Ord. 635 Street classifications Chapter 12A.9 code amendments 3/21/2016 Codified
Ord. 634 Garbage collection services Chapter 13.06 code amendment 3/7/2016 Codified
Ord. 633 Intimate images disclosing Section 9A.03.050 Municipal Code amendment 3/7/2016 Codified
Ord. 632 Tax Incentive Urban Use Center Development Chapter 3.64 code amendments 1/19/2016 Codified
Ord. TBD-02 Vacant
Ord. TBD-01 Vacant
Ord. 631 Garbage, recycling, yard waste collection franchise 12/7/2015 Codified
Ord. 630 Flood plain and critical areas regulations Titles 14A and 18A code amendments 12/7/2015 Codified
Ord. 629 Comprehensive Plan 2015 amendments and land use zoning maps 12/7/2015 Codified
Ord. 628 Transportation Benefit District assumption and Chapter 12A.16 of LMC amendments 11/16/2015 Not adopted
Ord. 627 Budget biennial 2015-2016 amendments 11/16/2015 Codified
Ord. 626 Property tax levy for 2016 11/16/2015 Codified