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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 1996-37 Parks and recreation properties 11/4/1996 Special
Res. 1996-36 Surface Water Management agreement 11/4/1996 Special
Res. 1996-35 Commute Trip Reduction Program services 10/21/1996 Special
Res. 1996-34 Municipal Court Judge services 10/21/1996 Special
Res. 1996-33 Investment policy 10/7/1996 Special
Res. 1996-32 Variance fees for single-family residential projects under $12,000 10/7/1996 Special
Res. 1996-31 ICMA Retirement Corporation Prototype Money Purchase Retirement Plan and Trust to separate the replacement plans for Social Security and the State Public Employment Retirement System 9/16/1996 Special
Res. 1996-30 Zero tolerance for hate crimes 9/3/1996 Special
Res. 1996-29 Emergency medial and maintenance and operation services levy support for Pierce County Fire District No. 2 9/3/1996 Special
Res. 1996-28 Adopt-A-Street Program 9/3/1996 Special
Res. 1996-27 Cable television rate regulations certification with Federal Communications Commission 8/19/1996 Special
Res. 1996-26 Pierce Transit Board – creating a seat for Lakewood member 8/19/1996 Special
Res. 1996-25 Personnel policies on equal employment opportunities, sexual harassment, nepotism, alcohol and drug free work environment, use of city vehicles, overtime compensation and conflict of interest 8/5/1996 Special
Res. 1996-24 City Council Rules of Procedure – amendments 7/15/1996 Special
Res. 1996-23 Six-Year Comprehensive Transportation Program (1997-2002) adoption 6/17/1996 Special
Res. 1996-22 Local Government Investment Pool authorizing Sr. Budget/Finance analyst with authority to deposit and withdraw monies 6/17/1996 Special
Res. 1996-21 Regional Transit System Plan to voters on November 5, 1996 6/17/1996 Special
Res. 1996-20 Pierce County processing of projects (building permits, etc.) filed prior to City of Lakewood incorporation 6/3/1996 Special
Res. 1996-19 Hearing Examiner (Pierce County) cases filed prior to Lakewood incorporation (handling of cases filed) 5/20/1996 Special
Res. 1996-18 Pierce County Fire Protection District No. 2 expressing support of annexation 5/6/1996 Special
Res. 1996-17 Street maintenance contract with Pierce County for City streets, signs, signals, sidewalks and drainage systems 4/22/1996 Special
Res. 1996-16 Greater Pierce Community Network to develop Comprehensive Plan on public health and safety issues of children, youth and their families 4/15/1996 Special
Res. 1996-15 Grant application to Washington State Community, Trade and Economic Development for Growth Management Act Planning ($41,000) 4/8/1996 Special
Res. 1996-14 Public Works fees – amendment for rights-of-way and fingerprinting costs 4/1/1996 Special
Res. 1996-13 Northwest Landing Wastewater Facilities Draft EIS – Tatsolo Point alternative 4/1/1996 Special