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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 1996-11 Ratifying and confirming actions of the Council during the interim period prior to incorporation 3/18/1996 Special
Res. 1996-10 Street vacation hearing – April 15, 1996 – Lake City Community Church – Lawndale Avenue SW and Alameda Avenue SW to construct an improved parking lot 3/18/1996 Special
Res. 1996-09 Street vacation hearing – April 15, 1996 – Lakewood Water District – 100th Street SW and Hemlock Road SW to construct a water storage tank 3/18/1996 Special
Res. 1996-08 Citations and notices of infractions issuance by Pierce County Sheriff officers until a contract is executed 2/26/1996 Special
Res. 1996-07 Municipal Court Judge appointment and confirmation (John Feutz) 2/26/1996 Special
Res. 1996-06 Pierce County Fire Protection District No. 2 relative to fire code services and fire marshal services 2/26/1996 Special
Res. 1996-05 Public Works fees and miscellaneous business license fees (fingerprinting costs) 2/12/1996 Special
Res. 1996-04 Planning and development fees and procedures and collection 2/12/1996 Special
Res. 1996-03 City Council meetings date and place after incorporation 2/12/1996 Special
Res. 1996-02 Clover Park School District Levy on February 6, 1996 – expressing support 1/22/1996 Special
Res. 1996-01 Zero tolerance for gangs and gang activities 1/16/1996 Special
Res. 1995-26 City Council Rules of Procedure – amending interim Council Rules 12/18/1995 Special
Res. 1995-25 Official newspaper – LAKEWOOD JOURNAL after interim period 12/11/1995 Special
Res. 1995-24 Official city name as Lakewood 12/4/1995 Special
Res. 1995-23 Retirement Plan for City Manager through ICMA 12/4/1995 Special
Res. 1995-22 Posting of City Council agendas and public hearing notices 12/4/1995 Special
Res. 1995-21 Pierce County Regional Council interlocal amendments (membership and bylaws) 12/4/1995 Special
Res. 1995-20 Whistleblower policy – improper government action 11/27/1995 Special
Res. 1995-19 Moratorium on development permits (interim) 11/20/1995 Special
Res. 1995-18 Small public works roster process 11/20/1995 Special
Res. 1995-17 Local Government Investment Pool – investing monies 11/13/1995 Special
Res. 1995-16 Travel and reimbursement policy 11/13/1995 Special
Res. 1995-15 Purchasing policy 11/13/1995 Special
Res. 1995-14 Fire district annexation – expressing support and library district negotiations 11/6/1995 Special
Res. 1995-13 Accounts payable review and process of claims certification process 11/6/1995 Special