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1.28.060 Representation and payment of claims – Conditions.
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The provisions of this chapter shall apply only when the following conditions are met:

A. In the event of any incident or course of conduct potentially giving rise to a claim for damages, or for the commencement of a lawsuit, the official or employee involved shall, as soon as practicable, give the City Manager written notice thereof; identifying the official or employee involved, all information known to the official or employee involved with respect to the date, time, place and circumstances surrounding the incident or conduct giving rise to the potential claim or lawsuit, as well as the names and addresses of all persons allegedly injured or otherwise damaged thereby, and the names and addresses of all witnesses;

B. Upon receipt thereof, the official or employee shall forthwith deliver any claim, demand, notice or summons or other process relating to any such incident or conduct to the City Manager, and shall cooperate with the City Attorney or, if the City Attorney authorizes or designates another attorney to handle the matter, with that attorney, and, upon request, shall assist in making settlement of any suit and enforcing any claim for any right of subrogation against any persons or organizations that may be liable to the City because of any damage or claim of loss arising from said incident or course of conduct, including, but not limited to, rights of recovery for costs and attorney’s fees arising out of state or federal statute upon a determination that the lawsuit brought was frivolous in nature;

C. Such official or employee shall attend interviews, depositions, hearings and trials and shall assist in securing and giving evidence and obtaining assistance of witnesses all without any additional compensation to the official or employee, and, in the event that an employee has left the employ of the City, no fee or compensation shall be provided; and

D. Such official or employee shall not accept or voluntarily make any payment, assume any obligation, or incur any expense related to said claim or lawsuit, other than for first aid to others at the time of any incident or course of conduct giving rise to any such claim, loss or damage. Nothing herein shall be deemed to preclude any official or employee from retaining an attorney to represent his/her interests relating to such claim or lawsuit; however, all costs and expenses incurred thereby shall be paid by the official or the employee. [Ord. 692 § 1, 2018; Ord. 19 § 6, 1995.]