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12.13.090 New affected employers.
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A. Employers that meet the definition of the “affected employer” in this chapter must identify themselves to the City within 180 days of either moving into the boundaries of the City or growing in employment at a work site to 100 or more affected employees. Such employers shall be given 180 days to develop and submit a CTR program. Employers that do not identify themselves within 180 days are in violation of this chapter.

B. Employers must conduct a baseline survey within one year of becoming an affected employer. Employers must survey all of their affected employees. Employers are required to achieve a 70 percent response rate. An employer’s survey of employees shall utilize the state form or Pierce County approved equivalent data as set forth in the CTR Task Force Guidelines.

C. New affected employers shall have two years to meet the first CTR goal of a 15 percent reduction in proportion of SOV trips or VMT per person; four years to meet the second goal of a 20 percent reduction; six years to meet the third goal of a 25 percent reduction; and 12 years to meet the fourth goal of a 35 percent reduction, from the time they begin their programs. [Ord. 501 § 3, 2009.]