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The following signs are prohibited in all zoning districts:

A. Roof signs.

B. Signs posted upon utility poles, traffic control devices, or other public utility devices.

C. Signs which, by virtue of their size, location, movement, coloring or manner of illumination, may be confused with traffic control signs or signals.

D. Posters, pennants, banners, streamers, string pennants, blinking or flashing or strobe lights, searchlights, strings, twirlers, propellers, flares, and other displays of a carnival nature, blimps, or inflatables except as permitted in conjunction with a temporary sign pursuant to LMC 18A.100.070.

E. Animated, emitting, moving, rotating, or visually projecting signs.

F. Signs affixed to a tree, shrub, rock or other natural object.

G. Public address systems or sound devices used in conjunction with any sign.

H. Abandoned signs.

I. Billboard signs, except as provided for in LMC 18A.100.080 Nonconforming signs.

J. Temporary signs installed at gateway locations or traffic islands located within the public right-of-way.

K. Signs installed in roundabouts, except when expressly allowed by the City Engineer via a right-of-way permit approved by the City of Lakewood Public Works Engineering Department.

L. Feather banners. [Ord. 726 § 2 (Exh. B), 2019.]