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1.36.210 Examiner actions.
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Within 10 days of the conclusion of a hearing or rehearing, the Examiner shall render a written recommendation or decision and shall transmit a copy thereof to the City of Lakewood and to all persons of record.

A. The Examiner’s decision may be to grant or deny the application or appeal, or the Examiner may grant the application or appeal with such conditions, modifications and restrictions as the Examiner finds necessary to make the application or appeal compatible with the environment and carry out applicable state laws and regulations, the policies, objectives and goals of the comprehensive plan, the approval criteria, development standard and regulations of the land use and development code and the subdivision code, and other ordinances, policies and objectives of the City.

B. A cash guarantee, letter of credit or an equivalent measure approved by the City may be required to insure compliance with the conditions, modifications and restrictions. [Ord. 264 § 10, 2001; Ord. 77 § 1, 1996; Ord. 13 § 21, 1995.]