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18A.40.435 Notice to Noncoforming SOB Land Uses.
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A. All SOBs made nonconforming upon the effective date of this Ordinance shall be notified in writing of such nonconforming status pursuant to LMC 18A.40.455.

B. The City Manager or the designee thereof shall determine whether SOBs lawfully existing on the effective date of this Ordinance are within SOBO zone boundaries. This determination shall be made within forty-five (45) days after the effective date of this Ordinance. This determination of zoning compliance shall be based upon the boundaries of the SOBOs and the location of each SOB as determined by a review of business licensing information and public records available to the City.

C. Determinations of nonconformity under this section shall be subject to appeal as provided in LMC 18A.02.500 through 18A.02.575 and LMC 18A.02.740 as a process one administrative action. Appeal of the Hearing Examiner’s decision on a determination of nonconformity shall be to superior court as provided in LMC 18A.02.755. [Ord. 358 § 6, 2004.]